Hydrant Painting

by Colleen Kelly
Thursday, May 6, 2021
Album Title

Before, Primed, and After

The JWSWC is proud to announce that the Board has contracted Go Painters to sandblast, prime, and paint all fire hydrants in Justice and Willow Springs this spring!  The hydrants have lost their luster with years of layers of paint on them and with this process they will be sandblasted down to the original metal.  The crew has already started in the furthest point of the system in Willow Springs and is working fast.  If you do happen to see a crew come by there is three steps to this process.  First is sandblasting, second is priming, and third is painting.  Do not be alarmed if a fire hydrant in your area is grey, they will return to paint the hydrant back to red.  If you do have any markers or lawn ornaments, or any other objects around the hydrant please move them temporarily until the painting is complete.  The crew does have to have full access to the parameter of the hydrant.  To do so, they may have to trim bushes or move items.  If you have any questions please feel free to call the office at 708-458-7010.