Delivering High Quality Drinking Water

The Justice-Willow Springs Water Commission is committed to providing safe, reliable water services for the communities of Justice & Willow Springs.

The commission's dedication to delivering high quality drinking water has been proven throughout the years.

The Commission provides safe and clean water to families and businesses in the Western Suburbs. In addition, the Water Commission repairs water main breaks, monitors and ensures the quality of the water, and assists residents and businesses in managing their water consumption.

The Justice-Willow Springs Water Commission is governed by three board members, each who serve a term of 6 years.

The Justice-Willow Springs Water Commission was created by the State of Illinois to obtain and operate a public water system for the villages of Justice and Willow Springs. It was officially incorporated by Cook County in 1964. Since then, it delivers more than 2.5 million gallons of water every day.